Wedding Film Showreel 2019


Your wedding day is one of the most special day in your lives. It’s super exciting, goes by like a roller-coaster ride, and can be slightly stressful to organize and get through.

My approach to filming your wedding is to try make it feel like I’m not there at all! I prefer filming candid and natural shots of what’s really happening to capture the essence of the day, rather than a posed version of it. While there may need to be a few small posed shots to cover all the bases, generally I find if the bridal couple just pretends I’m not there and interacts with each other in a casual loving way, it produces the best footage. Intimate whispers in her ear that make her smile and laugh or a subtle kiss and the sharing of the amazing moment happening right there and then, are what looks great and are the parts you want to capture to remember forever. Having filmed a large number of weddings over the past few years, I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. I also know that the last thing the bridal couple needs on the day is any more stress than they already have, so all the more reason to just know you’re in capable hands and pretend I’m not there, so you can relax and enjoy the amazing day.


August 15, 2018