Property Film Showreel 2019


I’m a big fan of architecture and beautiful buildings. I love how each design has a creative story to it that matches the owner or user’s lifestyle and needs. How the lines extend and merge to create depth and contrast. How the materials are chosen to balance form and function. The buildings really are 3D models brought to life in concrete and steel, showcasing the collaborative vision of their creators. I try add to this by showcasing the property in the best light and from the best angles possible. Almost like adding a spotlight and a subtle touch of makeup to an already stunning model. For many properties the views are key. Views from the property should also be filmed at the right time of day to show them in their best light. This is often at sunset where the golden hues saturate and enhance the landscapes. Just after sunset is when the property can don it’s evening wear, turn on all the lights and create a warm cosy atmosphere to allow the capture of some great moody scenes.


August 15, 2018