Promotional Film Showreel 2019


All businesses need promotion and marketing. Whether you’re a multi million dollar company or a tiny hand crafted goods corner store, in today’s incredibly busy world, if you don’t advertise and market your wares properly, you won’t get noticed. Great photos are important, but in our ever increasingly fast paced lives, we need bite sized info that catches our attention and showcases your product quickly and effectively. A short, well produced promotional summary film is essential for this. In most cases 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes are the recommended lengths for promotional films.

The viewer only needs to click once to press play and then sits back and enjoys the show. No need for clicking and zooming in to multiple images to try see the details of your products. This can be done later once their attention and interest has been grabbed. Often businesses have a great story about their starting up and development, which can go great lengths to enhancing their corporate image and improve the appeal of their products. Presenting this story in an appealing way is my goal and after discussing the details of your business and clarifying a detailed brief for the film, I’ll work out a production plan that will ensure the essential elements of your business are well captured and then edited in to the best showcasing promotional film for it.


August 15, 2018