Stuart Brink | Filmmaker

Architectural Beauty


My love of architecture and beautiful buildings originally grew from the photographs I started taking of them 15 years ago.

I’ve always had a bit of an “OCD” tendency to lines, angles and order. When an art piece in the form of bricks and mortar is designed, built and decorated properly, it just feels right. The lines flow and create depth, the colours and textures complement each other and make the property cosy and comfortable to be in, to live in. And while not everyone may be as aware of these things, I think that on a sub conscious level we all are. So you would just feel better in them! 

When I take property photos I try and showcase all these features in the best possible way, ensuring that the lines are all level or flowing properly, the areas are well lit and feel right, thereby hopefully passing that feeling on to the viewer of the image.

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Each property or building has a statement. A visual statement that the architect has tried to convey through shaped bricks and mortar to the viewer. While this statement is obviously up to subjective interpretation, I think everyone can appreciate it to some degree. I like to think my property photos try accurately convey that statement to a viewer who can’t appreciate it in person.

Property Film Pricing

As each property is different, I’d like to discuss the details of your property film with you and then estimate the time needed to film it, which determines the fee for the film.