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The Art of Food


As a lover of food (and most beverages) I really enjoy these shoots and producing these films. Food appeals to both our taste and smell senses, but quite largely to our visual sense. A well presented meal largely enhances its appeal to our senses and drives the desire to eat it.

Food itself can be very creative, and in the right hands, can be turned from a blank canvas of ingredients to a masterpiece of colours and taste sensations. This process translates very well on to film. By capturing the fine details under the correct lighting, in slow motion or with subtle focus changes, even the raw ingredients can look very appealing and start the stirrings in our bellies.

The modern camera equipment I use films in UHD 4k resolution, ensuring the finest details are captured sharply and clearly, and helps to showcase the food or beverage at its best. With professional studio grade lighting and stylish textured backdrops, I can further enhance the presentation of the food or beverage. From restaurants to food trucks to large scale food production facilities, all can benefit from a well produced film to showcase their tasty wares.

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We all enjoy good food, and watching well presented good food is a sure fire way to stir up desires to eat, buy or make some.

Food Film Pricing

My fee is essentially time based, so let’s discuss your food film and I’ll work out an estimate of the costs before we go ahead.

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